Solving Telegram File Downloading Issues: Comprehensive Guide (2023)


Facing problems downloading files from Telegram? Look no further. We've curated a comprehensive guide to troubleshoot and resolve these issues effectively.

Why Telegram Stops Downloading Files

Numerous factors can interrupt Telegram file downloads, from battery-saving mode disruptions to unstable internet connections and insufficient storage space. Even ISP blocking Telegram services can cause downloading problems.

Understanding the Causes

Identifying the root causes is crucial before applying fixes. Battery-saving mode often halts downloads when applications run in the background. Unstable internet connectivity can lead to interrupted downloads. Additionally, lack of free storage space or altered application settings can impede downloads.

Fixing Telegram's File Downloading Problem

  1. Adjust Connection Settings: Access Telegram desktop settings, ensure the connection type is set to Default (TCP used), and relaunch the app.
  2. Check Internet Connection: Verify and stabilize your internet connectivity.
  3. Disable Power Saving Mode: Turn off battery-saving mode to allow uninterrupted downloads.
  4. Customize Battery Optimization: Exclude Telegram from battery optimization settings.
  5. Free Up Storage: Check file sizes and device storage to ensure sufficient space.
  6. Update Telegram: Keep the app updated to resolve any inherent issues.
  7. Contact ISP: Seek assistance from your internet service provider if problems persist.
  8. Monitor Telegram Servers: Check for server maintenance or issues via DownDetector.


  • Why does Telegram keep downloading? Insufficient storage prompts Telegram to keep downloading indefinitely; clearing space resolves this.
  • Why is Telegram using so much Storage? Telegram stores downloaded files locally, clearing cache helps manage storage.
  • How to fix Telegram auto-download? Disable automatic media download in Telegram settings under Data and Storage.


Resolving Telegram file downloading issues is straightforward. Follow the outlined steps systematically, ensuring optimal settings and stable connectivity. These proven strategies guarantee successful downloads. If challenges persist, seek further assistance or stay updated on Telegram server status.


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