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SEO shouldn’t be a mystery. We’re here to help you devise and implement the right SEO strategies for your business.


SEO Campaign Types

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • SEO for SMBs
  • SEO for Local Businesses
  • SEO for Online Stores
  • SEO for Startups
  • SEO for Law Firms
  • SEO for Large Enterprises
  • White Label SEO

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Effective SEO Services!

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the science of improving the search engine visibility of your website directly to your target market.

This results in more traffic to your site leading to conversion.

This is the ultimate goal of every website.

With the right strategies and an ongoing commitment to your site’s content and user experience, your business can consistently rank highly.

How can our SEO services help your business?

Ultimately, our SEO campaigns aim to increase your website visibility within all the major search engines, leading to higher traffic and conversion rates to generate higher quality leads that transfer into sales for your business.

This is done by identifying keyword phrases people will use when searching for your business or businesses like yours. Then we aim to ensure that your business turns up in the results every time, improving its ranking over time.

We offer SEO campaigns for all business types, including:

  • SEO for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
  • SEO for Local Businesses
  • SEO for Online Stores
  • SEO for Startups
  • SEO for Law Firms
  • SEO for Agencies

Why choose us?

Our team stays updated with all the search engine ranking and algorithm changes and makes recommendations to our clients as needed.

SEO campaigns for your business website need not be out of reach or confusing.

We offer customised monthly campaigns designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized Australian businesses.

We also offer ‘once-off’ tailored solutions, which can be the best option, for example, if you have a specific SEO goal.

Our team is all locally-based and experts in their respective fields with a minimum of five years of experience.

We don’t have lock-in contracts. We work with our clients to run a specific once-off campaign or on a month-by-month basis.

Why? Well, frankly, we need to be good enough to keep you coming back.

We’re happy to discuss your needs and help you decide what’s right for your business.

Discover how we can help with SEO


Free competitor analysis

Wondering how you stack up against your major competitors? We can conduct a free SEO analysis and report to help you understand what improvements you can make and to help you understand potential opportunities.

Monthly SEO campaign or a ‘once-off’ solution

You can choose an ongoing and customised monthly campaign or talk to us about your individual goals, and we’ll tailor a ‘once-off’ solution for you.

If you’re unsure what you need, call us, and we can make some recommendations.

The difference between our monthly campaigns is simply the time we can have each month to optimise your site. The more time we have, the more we can do!

Every site is unique. With your competitors making site changes daily and with Google making up to 10 algorithm changes per day, it is impossible to offer a ‘one-size fits all’ package.

For these reasons, we build customised campaigns around your specific site needs, re-visit every couple of weeks, and update the strategy as needed.

Whether you have a limited budget, operate in a niche industry, or are in a market with many competitors, we can help you boost your SEO and get actual results.

SEO Campaigns & Services

General SEO Campaigns From 5-20+ hours per month

Unlimited Keywords, No Contracts, and Top Results!

Our customised monthly SEO campaigns range from 5-20+ hours per month.

How much SEO you do with us depends on a few things, such as your budget and whether you are in a niche or highly competitive industry. We recommend 5 hours per month if you have a limited budget or are in a niche industry, up to 10 hours for medium-level competition, up to 15 hours for high-level competition, and 20+ hours per month for very high competition. The more time we have, the more we can do, and the quicker we can normally achieve results.

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ campaign, though a typical monthly SEO campaign can include selected deliverables from the following depending on your specific site needs, business and industry type, your competitors, and the results of your site’s SEO analysis/audit.

Once off SEO Setup:

  • Site and Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Google Analytics Setup or Analysis
  • Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools Setup or Analysis
  • Google Business Profile & Bing Places Setup or Analysis
  • Links Analysis
  • Full Citation Audit
  • Social Accounts Setup or Analysis
  • Content Calendar Setup
  • Customised Reporting Setup

Monthly deliverables after the initial setup:

Priority SEO activities as determined by the Site and Competitor Analysis. These activities can include:

  • Information Architecture
  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Internal & External Linking
  • Ongoing Keyword Analysis
  • Content Strategy
  • Topic Generation for blogs and articles and a set number of high-quality and optimised 800-word blogs/articles for your site, plus distribution
  • Monitoring of Google Analytics and Google Search Console / Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Local Directory Submissions
  • Local Citations
  • Other Off-page SEO (PR & Link Building)
  • Other Advanced SEO activities
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Comprehensive Reporting

Please note: There is an additional one-time fee for set up (from 9+ hours). This will be quoted separately if a developer or designer is required at any time. After set up, all monthly campaigns are charged at the quoted fee for the campaign you choose.

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SEO for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses From 5-20+ hours per month

Effective SEO campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses across Australia.

More info:

SEO for SMB's >

SEO for Local Businesses From 5-20+ hours per month

SEO for Online Stores From 5-20+ hours per month

Customised SEO Campaigns for Every Major Shopping Platform.

More info:

Ecommerce SEO >

SEO for Startups From 5-20+ hours per month

Specialist SEO campaigns for Australian Startups.

More info:

Startup SEO >

SEO for Lawyers and Law Firms From 10-20+ hours per month

We offer proven SEO solutions for lawyers and law firms across Australia.

More info:

SEO for Enterprises & Brands To Be Quoted

SEO for Enterprises and Brands that makes an impact on your bottom line.

More info:

Enterprise SEO >

White Label SEO for Agencies To Be Quoted

Offer your clients White Label SEO & Digital Marketing services they can trust.

More info:

White Label SEO >

SEO Site and Competitor Snapshot Analysis From 2 hours

Analysis of your website against one competitor to reveal areas in which you can improve.

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Keyword Research From 5 hours

Determine the keyword phrases you need to target.

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Google Analytics From 2 hours

Setup and optimisation of your Google Analytics account.

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Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools From 2 hours

Setup and optimisation of your Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.

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Google Business Profile & Bing Places From 2 hours

Setup and optimisation of your Google Business Profile and Bing Places listing.

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Comprehensive Site Audit From 8 hours

Determine the actions you need to take to increase the visibility of your site at the search engines.

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Link Building From 5 hours per month

Campaigns to increase the authority of your website leading to higher search engine visibility.

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Articles From 3 hours

High quality and optimised articles for your Blog. Includes long tail keyword analysis, publishing, and content marketing.

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PR for SEO & Media To Be Quoted

Month-to-month management of your Public Relations for SEO and Media.

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Once-Off SEO From 15 hours

Our once-off SEO Includes:

  • Keyword research
  • SEO site and competitor analysis
  • Google Analytics setup and/or analysis
  • Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools setup and/or analysis
  • Google Business Profile & Bing Places setup and/or analysis
  • Metadata (title tag and meta description) recommendations for 6 main pages of your site

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“It has been a pleasure working with Bill and his team from SEO for Small Business Australia. The results from all his work have been truly amazing and in no time our business was on the first page of Google. I will continue to work with Bill and his team in the future and highly recommend him.”

Sherleen Chand, Criminal Lawyers Sydney

“We started using Bill last year and have been very happy with his service since. He is incredibly responsive and is generally available to answer the phone or an email when we need it. We have noticed improvements in several areas of our SEO and are keen to see what the next steps in our SEO strategy bring. We would definitely recommend engaging SEO for Small Business Australia Pty Ltd.”

Katie McGovern, Patricia Holdings

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Bill from SEO for Small Business Australia. The results have been amazing. We are kept up to date regularly with what’s going on and the customer service has been great. As a small business, it’s always a pleasure to work with another competent small business.”

Murray Roach, Billabong Spas

“Bill has been a great in getting our SEO set up and running for our meditation business.”

Mairead Ball, Bondi Meditation Centre

“If you are looking for SEO services for small business, this is definitely the one - knowledgeable, easy to work with and great value.”

Nancy Wang, RivetLab Pty Ltd

“I highly recommend Bill Vasiliadis and SEO for Small Business Australia – as a new business, the best decision we made was to engage Bill Vasiliadis.”

Ted Neaves, Shoalhaven Lawyers

“A very professional no-nonsense approach which we appreciated. Makes everything easy to understand and is very clear on the improvements he can deliver. ”

Andrw Harvey, The Optical Co

“After trusting in two other SEO companies over the last 5 years and getting horrible results, 5 months ago I started with Bill and the results have been great and we have only been doing business with him for a short time so I'm super confident that my business's future is going to be amazing. I highly recommend trusting Bill and his team.”

Robin Wickens, Sheepskin Tailors

“Great service with great results, highly recommend.”

Marnie Fawns, Tri to Swim

“Bill has been great to work with and has provided good results.”

Brian Scales, Glen Erin at Lancefield

“Bill has detailed knowledge of SEO, we are a demanding client that has some robust measurements on our ROI and Bill manages to find solutions and report back in line with our KPI's on a weekly basis.”

Graham Budinger, Signal Advantage

“Bill from SEO for Small Business Australia has been great. Easy to deal with, flexible with small business budgets, and already achieving great results.”

Lyn Fisher, Moss Furniture

“Extremely impressed with Bill and his team. The work they did was really in-depth & thorough. Within just a few days I was at the top of the second page of Google, and Bill has given me advice to further increase my rankings. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs SEO help.”

Jordy Fabian, Organised Simplicity
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Search Engine Optimisation Services | SEO for Small Business Australia (2024)


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